Global Think-tank for Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management
Save the Tacit Knowledge for the NEXT...
No one knows who was the richest people 
in ancient China and Greece. 
But today, many of us know who 
is Confucius and Socrates.

Global Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management 
50 webinars by global experts on weekly basis
(Broadcast globally in both English and Chinese)
At least 200,000 audiences watched our each webinar now!
    About Us
    Global Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management, So called GO-TKM, is a non profit organization, mainly targeting on 3 objectives for the overall benefits of Human Beings.

    1. To advise and support  various government policy makers for right policy on TKM in their respective countries.
    2. To advise and support  various business decision makers for right solutions on their respective TKM issues inside their organizations.
    3. To unify global resources for research and development in theory and practice on TKM in various industries and to provide possible solutions.
    1.To save tacit knowledge for the NEXT...
    2.To conduct policy-relevant research on TKM and to influence policy-makers of various government and business leaders on TKM
    3.To provide business related solutions for TKM
    Tacit Knowledge Management Nourishes Mankind Globally
    Open, Respect, Contribute, Share, Cooperation, Inclusion & Diversity, Creativity and Initiative
    • Integrity and Professionalism
    Holding Us Together
    Our purpose is to promote TKM culture on an individual, community, organizational, national and global level, encourage learning from other people's valuable experience, which will benefit mankind generations after generations.
    TKM Board & Org-Chart
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